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Don’t worry, they are in safe hands! We love cats!

Cattery and Hotel for cats in Madrid

Far better than staying in a flat! 25 Years’ Experience. Everything has been designed with the cats’ wellbeing in mind, such as raised planks, pipes, boxes, scratch posts, trees, flowers, and so on.

Granja La Luna, a boarding cattery in Madrid where your cats will be on their holidays.

Relaxing holidays

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Cats love coming on holiday to Granja la Luna cattery. Because it breaks their day-to-day monotony, giving them new sensations and experiences, all of which helps towards balanced conduct. They go home with lots to tell their owners. We should offer them new experiences in their lives!

In an apartment, they don’t have contact with the outside world and spend many hours on their own, which means that all the days must seem the same! They don’t watch TV, so long hours spent indoors without anything much happening must be very boring for them.

For them to see the countryside, other cats, people, birds, mice, is a completely new experience.

A number of our veterinary colleagues bring their cats to us when they go on holiday. This means we must always ensure our standards are high.

Each cat chalet contains a cat box in which to take refuge

Cat chalets

Cats move in three dimensions, therefore, it is important for cat boxes to be placed in a raised area and for shelves to be placed at varying heights so as the cats can move up and down.

All cats love to contemplate the world from on high. Moreover, this helps them exercise their muscles when they climb up and down.

It is very important that the cat chalet is large, so as they don’t feel trapped. It is also important for the areas where cats eat, drink or sleep not to be too close to their litter tray, as this causes an unpleasant mix of dirt and bad smells, which they don’t like.

Cat huts with metal or wooden walls are not advisable as they are echo like a sound box, frightening a cat and causing them stress. No metal huts here. An authentic chalet just for him. Furthermore, he will not be sharing with any other cat.

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Our cat chalets have an exit leading outside, where the cats can lay in the sun and get to know their surroundings. This stimulates their senses and the cats that stay with us are happy and relaxed. There is always something for them to do, day and night.

It is important for them to be able to go outdoors and for the chalets to let in natural daylight.

Sunlight governs their circadian rhythm. This rhythm governs their sleep pattern, eating pattern, and activity pattern and hormone production.

A lack of sunlight alters cats, provoking drowsiness, and that is why they sleep for many hours. The time of day when cats are most active is at dawn or at dusk. Therefore, cat cages should be spacious and let in natural light.

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Inside the cat chalet, there needs to be another cat box in which to shelter where the cat can hide and feel safe. This is very important, as there are many timid cats that prefer to keep their distance from cats that are more dominant.

If they are unable to hide, it can affect them badly. They feel anxious, can barely sleep, and may stop eating.

Avoid small cages that are impersonal and lack the space for a cat to move around in, often resulting in muscular atrophy. Furthermore, a small cage can make a cat feel stressed from being enclosed or from the noise when they knock against the metal sides. In addition, a small cage can cause depression, as the surroundings are not inducive to relaxation, and where there isn’t anything to stimulate a cat or enrich their life; no sun, no outdoor areas in which to play, and where day and night run into one.

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Prices for Cats

Our prices

N.B. Only the number of nights your animal sleeps at the Granja are counted. This way, you don't pay anything the day your cat leaves!

2 Cats


/ Night

  • 14 nights €312 (5% discount)
  • 20 nights €396 (10% discount)
  • 30 nights €561 (15% discount)
  • 45 nights €811 (18% discount)
  • 60 nights €1128 (20% discount)
  • 90 nights €1485 (25% discount)
3 Cats or more


/ Night

  • 4 cats: €34/Night
  • 5 cats: €39/Night
  • 6 cats: €44/Night

Discounts: 14 nights 5% / 20 nights 10% / 30 nights 15% / 45 nights 20% / 60 nights 22% / 90 nights 25%

Payment in cash. We do not accept bankcards.

You only pay for the number of nights your cats sleep at the cattery. The day of departure doesn’t count. Regardless of the time of day you bring or collect your cat. There is no minimum stay.

Prices are valid provided all of the owner’s cats share the same cage.

Should you wish to house three or more cats, please give us a call.

For stays of 30 days or more, you will be required to leave a returnable guarantee of €200 in cash.

For stays of more than 45 days, you will be required to pay €300 returnable guarantee and one month in advance.

A stay includes

  • Meals. Top quality dried pet food for maintenance. Tinned food used by the Granja for those cats that don’t eat dried food.
  • Daily cleaning throughout the stay.
  • Sepiolite cat litter.
  • The animals are covered by civil liability insurance. This isn’t veterinary insurance (it doesn’t cover illnesses).
  • Veterinary monitoring: The veterinary service provided for animals staying at the Granja is free and covers simple issues or slight problems that could occur.
  • Granja la Luna is purely a boarding Centre for animals, and not a veterinary clinic. If any more serious problem occurs, the animal will be transferred to a Veterinary Centre.

A stay does not include

  • Diets that differ from the food provided at Granja La Luna.
  • Cat grooming.
  • Cat training.
  • Veterinary emergencies: should your cat be unwell, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible, or your own Vet, or a renowned emergency clinic. In the event your pet’s illness has nothing to do with Granja La Luna, the owner will have to pay for the cost.
  • Home transport. This service will be charged separately.

Cleaning and welfare

Our Cattery is always very clean and smells very nice. Or rather, it does not smell of anything. The “smell of a cat is unpleasant for everyone, including the cats themselves”.

The cages are cleaned every day. We use products that do not stick to the cats’ hair or could be poisonous. We use ecological products, which are more suitable for cats.

It isn’t compulsory for cats to be vaccinated against rabies. (Nevertheless, it is recommended). New Animal Protection Laws in the Community of Madrid do require this.

It is not compulsory for cats to be Microchipped. (Nevertheless, it is recommended). New Animal Protection Laws in the Community of Madrid do require this.

N.B. Cats must be vaccinated against other common diseases (Trivalent and Feline Leukaemia). In addition, they must be wormed internally.

The best option is for them to come with an anti-parasite Pipette put on their back. This is best for cats that aren’t accustomed to having an anti-parasite collar round their neck and don’t like having them put on, as collars can cause allergies.

A visit to the boarding cattery could give a cat the opportunity to try new things. A new kind of cat litter or cat tray. Almost all of the cats like the cat litter we use (Sanicat odourless), as it is pleasant to the touch. It does not cause dust and it clumps well.

However, you can bring your own cat litter, if you wish. We will be more than happy to put it in the tray for your cat.
At our cattery, we check on each cat every day. We check on whether the cat is urinating or not, and so on. We can let you know if we notice any significant change.
Many cats with problems at home, when they come to Granja la Luna, stop urinating outside of the tray and defecate on the litter. This is because they feel more comfortable in an open space. Furthermore, the scent of other cats encourages them to mark their territory.

The natural ambience at the Granja greatly relaxes them, and they can listen to the sound of wild birds all day. They enjoy plenty of sunlight hours, being in the open air and breathing in fresh air. The absence of noisy traffic jams, televisions, neighbours, and so forth. All of this helps them to rest and relax. They enjoy seeing all sorts of things going on around them, in the safe knowledge nothing will bother them.

Food and medication

Food provided at the cattery is of the best quality. We generally use Super Premium range. Royal Cannin Fit 32, Advance or Satisfaction, which cats most prefer to eat, according to our observations.

For those cats that prefer soft food, Whiskas chicken or Gourmet pâté. Most cats do not have a problem with a change of food as the food we give them is of excellent quality and they like it.
There are a number of cats that eat other brands of cat food, or those that need special diets. This isn’t a problem for us. In this case, the cat’s owner will have to bring their food with them. Our prices are the same, so there will be no discount or extra to pay.

Most of the cats eat the food provided from the very first day. However, a few cats take longer to start eating. Some cats put weight on, either because they like the dried cat food, or they are naturally greedy. However, some cats lose weight because they eat less. If they are not eating, we will call you to let you know.

We have a number of cats that need veterinary treatment.

Some have to have tablets or drops. If they allow us to handle them, we will give them their tablets mixed with some pâté. With a bit of patience and a cuddle, we can usually get them to swallow the tablet. N.B. – provided the cat allows us handle them. Some cats don’t let a stranger handle them. We can’t force them to swallow their tablets.

Sometimes, we also have diabetic cats. In these cases, they need a special diet and need to be given insulin injections. Giving them their daily injections isn’t a problem. You will need to let us have the dosage and guidelines to follow.

We will administer their injections, provided they let us handle them. If it is a very “difficult” cat, then we will not be able to inject them, as the cat could become very stressed and stop eating.

Cats with chronic kidney failure don’t encounter any difficulties being on the Granja, with their special diet, provided they eat enough. If this isn’t the case, then they will not be able to continue.

We regret we cannot take cats who have had hepatic lipidosis. There is a risk that it could start up again.

We are a boarding home for cats. The Vet will check on all animals that have a problem. However, this is not a veterinary clinic. We don’t have the equipment for diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, we can’t admit cats that are in recovery or administer them post-operative care. We can’t admit very old cats that find it hard to eat, or those that have suffered some kind of liver or kidney disease. Cats with diabetes that are difficult to handle or control. They run the risk of being stressed, and may stop eating or become ill. Each owner has to assess their cat’s circumstances and the risk they would be taking by leaving them in a place to which they are not accustomed. We recommend you come here a few days beforehand to see if your cat’s stay is viable.

Your cats need a holiday at Granja La Luna

Don’t worry, they will be in safe hands!