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Don't worry, they will be in safe hands!

Miles away from the pollution of the city, busy streets, cramped parks and stressful neighbours. Fresh air, hours of sunlight, loads of space and tons of care at Granja la Luna

You have a trip planned, a wedding, or a demanding job, and your best friends, your dogs, need someone to take care of them. Granja la Luna is expecting you. We will look after them, spoil them and amuse them, so when it is time to go home they will have great recollections of their fun stay.

Our process

We take care of everything

We have 25 years’ of experience behind us. We are first-class professionals devoted to looking after animals, and making sure they are happy, so as their owners can relax and are happy when they come to collect them.

Bring us your dog

You are off on holiday to the beach, and so, why not let them holiday in the countryside!
It’s not a problem if you can’t come to us. We will come and collect them.

Special handling

Unique and specially designed boarding kennels. You won’t find anything else like it!

Food and medication

You can bring us your own dog food, or your dog can eat the food we provide. We will also ensure your dog is given their medication.

01. Bring us your dog


We don’t want you to form the wrong impression, especially if you haven’t been here before. At Granja la Luna, everything is done with style. That is because we designed everything with our animals in mind.

We are dedicated professionals with a great deal of experience, and it is our reputation at stake. We don’t take the dogs for walks, as it is simply not necessary. They can run around for hours in parkland surrounded by trees in a rural setting and have fun socialising with other doggie pals.

Just come and see for yourself. They are happy lying in the sun, rolling around in the sand and playing with, and barking at, their pals.

Bring them along to an area, which is free of pollution, and where they can breathe fresh air and sniff dozens of wild flowers and plants. Here, the best way of telling the time is by the sun, the moon and the stars. Far from a world of hasty walks and the stress of city life. They will have 24 hours to enjoy themselves.

Many veterinary clinics, dog grooming and dog training Centres recommend us, as they know we can be trusted and provide quality-boarding kennels.

Furthermore, many of our veterinary friends and other professional colleagues leave their own animals with us. Hence, we always maintain the same level of excellence.

Why not give us a call! Better still, why not come along and get to know us! You will love it when you see the place!

02. Special handling

Unique and specially designed boarding kennels. You won’t find anything else like it!

Each kennel is individual, with 16 m2 just for him. The kennels are like small chalets with an indoor well-constructed and insulated room and a spacious terrace from where your dog can go directly out to the play park. We don’t take your dog for walks; rather they can go out and play in the park for however long they want.

They can interact with other similar dogs and make friends. They can play ball with the kennel maids. Moreover, they can learn to socialise with other dogs and people. This brings them balance and new experiences.
They are bound to be tired when they get back home.

The kennels’ play parks

We have fifteen recreational parks where the dogs can play all day long.

Thus, we can split them up into sizes, so as they don’t feel overwhelmed. Alternatively, we can split them up according to character, whether they are shy or aggressive dogs, or bitches in season, and so forth. Dogs that are a nuisance to other dogs go out on their own, although they can see other dogs nearby, and therefore they won’t ever feel isolated.

All of the play parks are filled with deciduous trees, elms, acacias, mulberry trees, providing pleasant shade in summer, and where the dogs can lie down to take a siesta. In winter, the same trees let sunlight through.
River sand is laid on top of the ground, making it easy to clean. We do not plant grass as dogs dig such large holes in the lawn, and spikes become ingrained in their paws or ears. It is also impossible to clean dog faeces when it sticks to the grass.

We have a special area for small dogs, designed specifically with them in mind, and special parks for them located very close to us. From here, they can see everything else that is going on.
All of our cages have plenty of room and can house any type of dog, including breeds such as Rottweiler, Pitbull, Staffordshire bull terrier and Doberman, and so on. Moreover, all the dogs have a fantastic time!
(Please refer to the kennels’ terms & conditions).

03. Food and medication


We give them the best dog food. Rich in meat suitable for human consumption, and low in grain and meal.

For very choosy or delicate dogs, we have tins of prepared food in a variety of flavours by the best brands.

Of course, if your pet needs to be on a special diet, then please bring their food with you and make sure we have the required instructions.

We will keep an eye on them to make sure they are eating properly and note the amount they eat.


Quite a lot of dogs are on some form of medical treatment when they come to us. As such, we need to have clear instructions as to when and how much medicine to administer. Giving insulin to diabetic dogs, and so forth. You should always speak to our vet.

We are not a veterinary clinic, and therefore we will only give your dog the treatment you tell us to give.

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Our prices

N.B. Only the number of nights your animal sleeps at the Granja are counted. That way, you do not pay anything the day your dog leaves!

2 Dogs


/ Night

  • 14 nights €372 (5% discount)
  • 20 nights €504 (10% discount)
  • 30 nights €714 (15% discount)
  • 45 nights €1033 (18% discount)
  • 60 nights €1344 (18% discount)
  • 90 nights €1890 (25% discount)
3 Dogs

34 /44 €

/ Night

  • Depending on the size
  • prices may vary.
  • Discounts: 14 nights 5% / 20 nights 10% / 30 nights 15% / 45 nights 18% / 60 nights 20% / 90 nights 25%
4 Dogs

39,50 / 48€

/ Night

  • Depending on the size prices may vary.
  • Discounts: 14 nights 5% / 20 nights 10% / 30 nights 15% / 45 nights 18% / 60 nights 20% / 90 nights 25%

Discounts: 14 nights 5% / 20 nights 10% / 30 nights 15% / 45 nights 20% / 60 nights 22% / 90 nights 25%

N.B.! Payment taken in cash only. We do not accept bankcards

You only pay for the number of nights the dogs spend in the boarding kennels. We do not count the day of departure, which is, therefore, a day saved, regardless of the time you bring or collect your dog.

Prices are valid provided all of the owner’s dogs share the same cage.

If you wish to board more than three dogs, please speak to us first.

For stays of 30 days or more, you will be required to leave a returnable guarantee of €300 in cash.

For stays of more than 45 days, you will be required to pay €300 returnable guarantee and one month in advance.

A stay includes

  • Food: top quality dried pet food. Tinned dog food used by the Granja for those dogs that do not eat dry food.
  • Daily cleaning throughout the stay.
  • The animals are covered by civil liability insurance. This is not a veterinary insurance (it does not cover illnesses).
  • Veterinary monitoring: The veterinary service provided for animals staying at the Granja is free and covers simple issues or slight problems that could occur.
  • Granja La Luna is purely a boarding Centre for animals, and not a veterinary clinic. If any more serious problem occurs, the animal will be transferred to a Veterinary Centre.

A stay does not include

  • Diets that differ from the food provided at Granja La Luna.
  • Washing your dog is an extra, and the cost is between 15 and 30 euros.
  • Dog or cat grooming.
  • Dog training.
  • Veterinary emergencies: should your dog be unwell, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible, or your own Vet, or a renowned emergency clinic. In the event your pet’s illness has nothing to do with Granja La Luna, the owner will have to pay for the cost.
  • Home transport. You have to pay separately for this service.
Frequently asked questions

The Boarding kennels' Terms & Conditions

When we collect a dog, we issue a contract stating both the dog’s and owner’s names and I.D.s as well as writing down any observations, along with contact phone numbers, home address, dates, the cost of the service and the terms.

N.B. We don’t accept any animals that have contagious diseases, that haven’t been vaccinated, or that don’t have a microchip. We don’t accept aggressive dogs that can turn on people, no matter their breed.

N.B. Having said that, we do accept all breeds of dog: Rottweiler, Pit-Bull, Staffordshire terrier, Bull Terrier, and so on, provided they are easy to manage.

It is very important, as well as compulsory, for your dog to be vaccinated, since they will be coming to stay at a place where there are other dogs. They must have had the trivalent vaccine (Parvo Virus, Hepatitis, and Distemper) and Rabies. We don’t recommend you have your pets vaccinated the day before arriving at the kennels. It is best to do so a few days beforehand.

The Kennel Cough vaccination is not compulsory, but we do highly recommend your dog be given this vaccination as well. Kennel Cough is not a dangerous illness, but it is very contagious and impossible to control in a hotel for dogs or kennels, due to its characteristics. It is up to each owner to decide whether to vaccinate for Kennel Cough or not.

We don’t recommend anti-parasitic collars. They are expensive and can produce allergic reactions. Besides, the collars can drop off, disappear, or even be eaten. It is better to remove them before coming here and put them back on when home.

Pipettes are the best option to prevent fleas and ticks. They are very efficient and can be applied to the skin on a dog’s back. They do not cause any problems and give protection for four weeks.

Remember, we are located in the countryside. The facilities are cleaned daily and cleaning is thorough. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that the kennels are completely free of parasites. Parasites can arrive via a number of methods, which are out of our control.

We have Pipettes available at the kennels.

All of the dogs that board at Granja La Luna kennels are covered by a civil liability, third party insurance from the time they are collected to the time they are delivered home. This insurance protects your dog against damage, injury to a third party and negligence. Terms and conditions are explained in the contract.

However, this is not a veterinary insurance, and therefore, it does not cover illness or veterinary treatment. Should it be necessary to take your dog to the Vet’s, the dog’s owner will be responsible for paying costs.

We all worry about our dog when we are far away. You can call us whenever you wish to ask how he is doing (provided you ring during opening hours). It is normal for you to worry about your dog, but it’s no bother, we understand.

Our kennel maids know what each dog gets up to and what they eat. You can speak to one of our kennel maids directly and they will fill you in with the details.

Telephoning is the quickest and easiest way to get in touch with us. Writing takes longer and may not be as clear as talking over the phone.

Please check our opening hours at the kennels first.

Please note, we do NOT collect or deliver any animal outside of opening hours.

The kennels are open every day of the week, including Bank Holidays. However, we do not attend to the public 24 hours a day.

There are two lots of opening hours, one for summer and the other for winter. Please ring and check before setting off for the Granja.

From the point where the M30 joins the A3, your journey will take 35 minutes (48 km), outside rush hour. Please bear this in mind when coming to deliver or collect your dog, as rush hour can cause delays and you could find yourselves arriving after the kennels have closed.

All of us who work at Granja La Luna are professionals. Some workers have many years’ experience. We love animals and dedicate our lives to them. We come to work every day with a smile.

We care about them and wonder how they are each day. We play with them, feed them, and give them their pills, as if they were our own. We rejoice whenever we see all the good things that happen to them, and we feel sad when there is something wrong. We have a number of older dogs at the kennels, who have been coming to stay on the Granja since they were puppies. Time passes for all of us.

Please feel free to come along and visit our facilities, and get to know our staff. We are sure you will like it. Moreover, you will see for yourselves that we put our heart and soul into all we do.

Your dogs need a holiday at Granja La Luna

Don’t worry, they will be in safe hands!