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Don't worry, they are in good hands

Parrot and bird residence

Residence located in Madrid for all kinds of birds: parrots, yacos, Amazons, cockatoos, macaws, parrots, lovebirds, nymphs, parakeets, canaries, ducks, etc… We have space for everyone, in this farm the only sound is that of the birds and animals.

Don't worry, they are in good hands

Birds stay and environment

Yacos, cockatoos, macaws, lovebirds, parrots, nymphs, canaries, etc….

They spend many hours alone inside the house, with a monotonous environment, and the hours seem endless. Having someone come to our house and feed a parrot or bird for ten minutes a day when we go on vacation is not a good solution. They need a rich environment and interaction with them. They like to live in flocks and express themselves with their songs. This residence for birds has a space designed for them. They have the feeling of being outdoors. Come and listen to the songs of the hundreds of wild birds that live in the trees of the residence. This allows our birds to relax as they follow their biological rhythm: more active at dawn and dusk. Attention: In the cold months of autumn and winter, the residence for parrots does not work, because we cannot guarantee the optimal temperature conditions.


The bird cage

Each bird must come in its own cage, appropriate to its size and number of birds. They should have a secure closure, and the drinker and feeder should be easy to remove and clean. The number of large cages is limited, reserve early. In summer they are in an outdoor area, but totally protected from the sun, rain, etc. They love this space. In bad weather, we have a closed area, where they are perfectly protected.

We have special cages for large parrots 2m high, 1.5m deep and 1m wide. In them they can go down to the ground, and even fly. They have perches at different heights and in different directions, so the parrots can move in three dimensions. This stimulates them to exercise and improve their muscle tone. We also provide them with toys and wood that they like to chew on. We have a home collection service, but there are many days that we will not be able to do it, especially in summer or on the eve of long weekends, etc. The van is air-conditioned, but it is not recommended that a parrot or bird travel for several hours inside. So you will have to bring them to the farm.


Every day the cages are cleaned, we put fresh water in them and we put a bed of sepiolite or wood shavings at the bottom, which keeps them clean and odour-free. Parrot cages are disinfected every time a parrot uses them.


For birds we have seeds and mixtures of the best quality, we try to make them fresh and appetizing. For parrots we have feed from the best brands, but it is recommended that they continue with the diet they have at home, they do not like changes and may refuse food. We also give them fresh fruit every day, mainly apples, grapes and melons.


We try not to disturb them, unless they ask for it, if so we give them prizes and caresses, if they don’t like it, we don’t touch them and we open the cages just to clean, they recognize people and let them work. We talk to them, so that they feel cared for. We even shower them with a fogger if they like it.


Parrots must come to our establishment in a hard plastic carrier with good ventilation and enough space (the best are good quality cat carriers, easy to clean and durable, avoiding breakage or the animal escaping) (we do not accept fabric carriers They are very beautiful but very dangerous and unsafe). If they don’t have a hard carrier, we leave them one of ours. Other birds in their cage. But on busy days it is very possible that we cannot pick them up or deliver them (movement, temperature changes etc. can be harmful to them). So you will have to transport them. When you arrive at our residence for parrots we will leave you in your space. These spaces are individual and very spacious, they will never meet with animals of another owner. You can leave your birds and parrots. In our premises in Madrid Animal Solution (Calle Virgen de Lluc 16, 28027) always by appointment and within our schedules. You can also deliver it directly to our Granja la Luna facilities in Belmonte del Tajo, always with a prior appointment within our schedules.

Birds Prices

Prices residence for parrots and birds in Madrid

Attention only count the nights that the animal sleeps on the Farm.
You save the payment of the day it comes out!

2 parrots


/ night

  • Discounts: 14 nights 5% / 20 nights 10% / 30 nights 15% / 45 nights 20% / 60 nights 22% / 90 nights 25%
3 Parrots


/ night

  • Discounts: 14 nights 5% / 20 nights 10% / 30 nights 15% / 45 nights 20% / 60 nights 22% / 90 nights 25%

(lovebirds, nymphs, canaries...)


/ night

  • · In its cage according to the size of the cage.
  • 40x60x40 cm €9
  • 40x60x80cm 11 €
  • 50x80x80 cm €15
  • · Discounts: 14 nights 5% / 20 nights 10% / 30 nights 15% / 40 nights 20% / 60 nights 25% / 90 nights 30%

The stay includes

Food. High-end maintenance feed, fresh fish, daily cleaning of the ranch. Animals are covered by civil liability insurance. It is not a veterinary insurance (it does not cover diseases). Veterinary Surveillance: The veterinary service only treats animals on the farm free of charge for simple and minor problems that may arise. Granja la Luna is only a residence for animals, not a veterinary clinic, any problem that may arise will transfer the animal to a veterinary center.

The stay does not include

Diets different from the one that Granja La luna provides. Veterinary emergencies: in the event that your pet becomes ill, we will contact you as quickly as possible, or with your veterinarian, or with a renowned emergency clinic. If the illness suffered by the animal is due to causes beyond Granja la Luna, the expenses incurred will be borne by the owner. Home transportation. That is charged separately.

Your parrots need a vacation at La Luna farm

Don’t worry, they are in good hands.