Nursery residence for Vietnamese pigs and ferrets

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An exclusive residence for each species of pet. You won't find anything like it.

Residence for Vietnamese pigs and ferrets

Granja la Luna is the first residence that has specialized in the care of Vietnamese pigs and ferrets. Large individual spaces, specially designed and thought for your pets to enjoy their stay. It’s a pet vacation. Come meet us!

Vietnamese pigs

In this residence they have a great time, we have huge cages where they can run freely, or go to sleep in the shade. We also let them loose so they run everywhere. It is very important that they exercise and interact with people who caress them and say things to them. Check first what kind of food to give them. Many like the food of my horse Taito, which is one of the best feeds.


The curiosity of ferrets has no limits and sometimes at home they get a bit bored. Here they have many things to see. They are very active animals at dawn and dusk and in our living room the sun is the one that marks the hours. They adapt perfectly to changes. The Granja la Luna residence solves the problem of vacations, since ferrets are little accepted by family and friends when it comes to caring for them at home.


As food we give them feed from the best brands specifically for ferrets. They have a very delicate intestine. If you want you can bring your favorite feed. Cage They have to come in their cage, easy to clean and leak proof. We advise you to have a shelter inside where you can sleep peacefully. We have some cages of 4 square meters outside, which they love. They have hiding places, tunnels and shelters. On the floor, we put clean wood shavings, with which they play, hide and keep them clean.


These animals are very delicate when transporting them, so it is possible that on days when the van is very busy we cannot pick them up, especially in summer. Call us in time so we can plan it.



Every day we clean the cages. As a bed, we use clean wood shavings, they like to move around it and it protects their legs.





We give you a feed of the best brands, but if you wish you can bring us yours. Fresh water, commercial hay and fresh hay from our meadow. Also alfalfa on the vine, sometimes freshly cut grass, acorns, carrots and apples. For chinchillas, we also have special food. If they want we put sand for them to bathe. They have to come with her.



Everyone must come to the residence with their cage, easy to handle and clean, with a secure leak-proof closure. Due to how delicate these animals are and the size of the cages, there are many days that the van will not be able to pick them up at your home, especially in summer, call us in advance to plan it. If we cannot pick them up, they will have to be brought to the residence.

Prices for ferrets and Vietnamese pigs

Our prices

Attention only count the nights that the animal sleeps on the Farm. You save the payment of the day it comes out!

2 ferrets


/ night

  • 14 nights €239 (includes 5% discount)
  • 20 nights €324 (includes 10% discount)
  • 30 nights €459 (includes 15% discount)
1 Cerdo vietnamita


/ night

  • 14 nights €266 (5% discount)

The stay includes

Food. High-end maintenance feed. Daily cleaning of the stay. Animals are covered by civil liability insurance. It is not a veterinary insurance (it does not cover diseases). Veterinary Surveillance: The veterinary service only treats animals on the farm free of charge for simple and minor problems that may arise. Granja la Luna is only a residence for animals, not a veterinary clinic, any problem that may arise will transfer the animal to a veterinary center.

The stay does not include

Diets different from the one that Granja La luna provides. Veterinary emergencies: in the event that your pet becomes ill, we will contact you as quickly as possible, or with your veterinarian, or with a renowned emergency clinic. If the illness suffered by the animal is due to causes beyond Granja la Luna, the expenses incurred will be borne by the owner. Home transportation. That is charged separately.

Your pets need a vacation at La Luna farm

Don’t worry, they are in good hands.