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At Granja La Luna, we provide a home collection and delivery service.


Our home collection and delivery service is the most complicated part of our work. Everyone has to learn which the fastest route is and our aim is not to keep our clients waiting.

We can’t just turn up whenever we feel like it.

We are able to provide a home collection and delivery service. This service is available by prior arrangement only. We will give you a ring you to let you know our estimated time of arrival.

Please remember that the time may vary depending on a number of factors: anti-contamination protocol, roadblocks, accidents, demonstrations, the rain, and so on. Usually, we do manage to arrive on time, but sometimes there can be extenuating circumstances beyond our control. Please bear this in mind if you have planned to set off on a trip, or you have to be somewhere else at a specific time, like the airport, etc. We will give you a ring in the morning to tell you what time we expect to be there, and we will call you again 30 minutes before arriving so as you don’t have to keep an eye on the time. If in doubt, please give us a call as soon as possible, and please don’t leave it to the last minute to call or take anything for granted.

  • If we collect your pet at a particular time on a particular day, that does not mean it will be the same time when we bring your pet home or collect them again next time round.
  • We do not provide a home collection or delivery service on Saturdays, Sundays or bank holidays. You are welcome to bring your pet to, or collect your pet from our premises provided you ring us beforehand.
  • Some people ask us if we can collect or deliver their pet at a set time, such as first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening. We regret we are not able to do this, as each day our route varies and we cover a very wide area of Madrid. We always take the quickest delivery route and we cannot be making changes to that route or have animals inside the vehicle for longer than necessary just to fit in with one person’s timetable.

The alternative would be for you to bring your pet along to our premises during opening hoursMadrid Animal Solución (Calle Virgen de Lluc 16, 28027): Monday to Friday 9 am to 3 pm and 4 pm to 6 pm. Please give us a call beforehand to make arrangements.

  • If you wish to bring your pet on the way to the Granja, or collect them from there, you will need to do so before 11 am, and it is important that you always ring us first, so as we can make the necessary arrangements.
  • If you wish to request our home collection or delivery service, you will need to make an appointment over the phone 918747354 at least 48 hours beforehand, so as we have enough time to organize our route.

Our vehicle is fully equipped and air-conditioned for transporting animals. The temperature is kept at 24ºC no matter whether it is summer or winter. Inside the van, the animals travel in boxes, similar to those approved for members of the public to take their pets with them on board planes or trains. The animals travel in the dark and are asleep for the most part of the journey.

Please make sure you have your pet’s vaccination card and other documents with you. You don’t need to bring your pet’s drinking or eating bowls, as we use our own stainless steel bowls. These are easier to clean and more hygienic, and in this way, it means your own bowls don’t get lost.
You will need to put anything you wish to leave with us inside a sealed bag, with your name attached, if possible. If your pet needs to be given medication, it must be put inside a bag with the pet’s name on a piece of paper, with the treatment clearly explained, the dosage, the name and telephone number of your vet, as well as the phone number of the person to contact.

  • The driver will hand you a contract with your details on it and those of the person who collects or delivers your pet.
  • Our vehicle will go as far as the gate to your house, or downstairs entrance, in the case of apartment buildings, provided there is no restricted access. Owners should bring their pet downstairs or take their pet outside for collection.
  • Please remember that the vehicle may contain other animals, and as such, cannot be left unattended. If you have any problems, speak to us first. However, please don’t leave it until the last minute. It is becoming harder and harder each day for us to stop when we are in the middle of deliveries.
  • In Madrid city centre, traffic is restricted, and it is highly likely that we will need to wait in a metered zone for collection and delivery.

Vehicles and driving

We provide a home collection service from Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). There are no home deliveries on Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays. However, you can go in person to collect your pet from Granja La Luna.

Please ask us about our opening hours! Out of hours, even though we may be there, we do not accept delivery or collection of any pets. Please speak to us first. Please also be aware that we adhere strictly to these rules.

Home deliveries take place from midday onwards, depending on the workload the van driver has.

We will ring you in the morning to let you know our estimated time of arrival. N.B. THIS IS JUST AN APPROXIMATE TIME.

When the driver is on his/her way to your home address, they will give you a call. This way, we can give you a more precise time, and avoid any delays when dropping off your pet.

Therefore, it is important for you to answer your phone when we ring. It is up to the client to make sure their phone is turned on and working.

In the event there isn’t any answer when we call, it may result in the driver being unable to come and look for you, and consequently we may not be able to deliver your pet. This is the client’s responsibility, and as such, we advise you to make sure your phone is turned on, to check there is coverage, and to have the phone somewhere where you can hear it ring.

The people at the kennels or cattery set collection and delivery times. Times also depend on traffic conditions, as well as the route taken by the van driver, which can vary from day to day. Times can vary depending on whether it is raining, whether it is snowing, or whether there is any environmental contamination in the area, and so forth.

Other things affecting the schedule can be new traffic restrictions imposed by the Town Halls, new pedestrianized areas and restricted traffic zones. Furthermore, Madrid City Council in particular has made it impossible to drive along Gran Vía. There could also be unannounced roadblocks due to traffic accidents, demonstrations, public riots, or even when there is no apparent motive…

If it is impossible, or very complicated, to get to your street, we will have to meet somewhere else where we can both get to, so as we can hand you back your pet.

Therefore, the delivery times we give you are only approximate. Please be aware that we may arrive earlier than envisaged to collect or deliver your pet, but more often than not, there may be some delay. The time given is only approximate. If you are going away, then it may be better for us to collect your pet the day before. (Please ring us in plenty of time so as we can find an alternative solution). If we collect two or three animals from the same address, we will only charge for one.

Delivery is to the point nearest to the door of your building only. The driver will NOT be able to go upstairs to your apartment, except in special circumstances. We cannot leave a vehicle with the engine running, especially when there are animals inside unattended. Nor can we stop where there is a bus or bicycle lane, etc. The municipal authorities are not at all sympathetic. There are no discounts for this service. There is NO transport service provided on Saturdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays, but YES, you can come and collect your pets from our facilities during the advertised times.

By telephone: 91 874 73 54

Reservations can ONLY be made by phone, e-mail, WhatsApp, SMS, etc. Reservations are not valid until we phone you to confirm. This is because many errors or misunderstandings can occur.

If you are going away and your departure time depends on what time we arrive, it would be best to leave us your pet a day earlier. Please don’t rely on the transport vehicle being on time, as many things can cause delays. Therefore, in order to feel relaxed on the day you go away, why not arrange for your dog to go into kennels the day before.
All of us have busy schedules and special circumstances. If you think you won’t be able to be at home when we come to collect your pet, the most practical thing would be to ask someone else if they could be there instead to assist with the collection.
We will ring you and agree a time to come and collect or deliver your pet, and we will try to fit in with your schedule as much as possible.

Temperature between 23º-25º

This service makes it easy for your pets to come and spend their holidays at the Granja. However, scheduling the route and collection/delivery times is the hardest part. Please remember that we are transporting your animals, and that this imposes limits upon us both in time and in space. We use a special vehicle, which is fully equipped and air-conditioned, with a professional driver, one who knows how to handle animals. Thus, this guarantees that the animals travel in the best conditions possible and that they will receive first class treatment. As such, we don’t have a large number of vans or a fleet of vehicles available, which, in turn, means that we can’t just go to someone’s home address at whatever time suits them.

Many thanks for your understanding.

Unfortunately, our service does not cover the whole of Madrid Community. Transporting animals is complicated, and we are unable to undertake long journeys. If you live outside our delivery area, perhaps you could make your way to one of our collection points:

  • Madrid capital
  • Alcalá de Henares
  • Alcobendas
  • Alcorcón
  • Arganda
  • Boadilla
  • Boadilla del Monte
  • Coslada
  • Fuenlabrada
  • Getafe
  • La Moraleja
  • Las Rozas
  • Las Rozas de Madrid
  • Las Matas
  • Leganés
  • Majadahonda
  • Mejorada del Campo
  • Móstoles
  • Pozuelo de Alarcón
  • Rivas-Vaciamadrid
  • San Fernando de Henares
  • San Sebastián de los Reyes
  • Torrejón de Ardoz
  • Velilla de San Antonio
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Transport arrangements of any type must be made over the phone, at all times. We will be delighted to discuss transport arrangements with you over the phone in person: Tel. 918747354.

Important: collections are from Monday to Friday during the morning (except Bank Holidays). We will call you to let you know what time we will be coming to collect your pet. Our schedule will depend on the number of animals we have for any given day and the different locations we need to go to on that particular day. Therefore, we will ring you to let you know our estimated time of arrival so as we can collect your pet.


If you are going away on a trip, and your departure depends on us arriving at a set time, it would be better to arrange for us to collect your pet the day before. There could be a number of circumstances, which could cause unwanted delays.

We deliver your pet home after midday. However, once again, the time will depend on the route we need to take on that day, and each day is different. We will call you to let you know our approximate time of arrival.
We can offer you an alternative, one that overcomes the problem of collection and delivery times. You are welcome to bring your pet to our premises located in the city of Madrid. Animal Solución, Calle Virgen de Lluc 16 (28027, Madrid), close to the M-30 and las Ventas bridge exit, 200m from Calle Alcalá nº 250. Metro el Carmen. Bus numbers 21, 48 and 146. Telephone: 662222722.

Opening hours Animal Solución 9 am to 3pm and 4pm to 6pm Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays). N.B. if you wish to bring your pet to our premises, you need to give us a call beforehand, with at least 48 hours’ notice, so as we have time to plan our delivery route.

If you are coming to collect your pet from our premises, it will also be necessary to ring us beforehand on Tel. 91 874 7354. This gives you more flexibility and solves the problem of delivery and collection, making the process a lot easier for you.
Delivery and collection at Granja La Luna: You can bring your pet to Granja La Luna, or collect them from there, during opening hours:

  • Monday to Saturday mornings from 9 am to 2 pm and from 5 pm to 8 pm.
  • On Sundays and Bank Holidays we only open in the morning.
  • If you have any other questions or queries, please do not hesitate to call. We are happy to answer your queries without obligation. Tel: 918747354

Your pets need a holiday at Granja La Luna

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