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Turtles stay and environment

We have a 2.5m X 2.5m pond where you can swim and sunbathe.

A magnificent pond of 2.5 m X 2.5 m. In which they can swim and move around as they please. Go up to the big stones to sunbathe. And swim with other turtles. Here you will not see your turtle swimming against the wall trying to escape from its confinement. They look calm, relaxed, enjoying themselves. And to eat blue fish (boquerones), prawns and squid, which they love. His physical condition improves a lot with so much exercise, sun and good food. It seems difficult, but it is also a vacation for them. Attention: We do not admit dangerous or protected species.

Prices residence for turtles

Our prices

¡Attention only count the nights that the animal sleeps on the Farm. You save the payment of the day it comes out!

2 water turtles


/ night

  • 14 nights €186 (5% discount)
2 land turtles


/ night

  • 14 nights €159 (includes 5% discount)

Cash payment. We do not accept cards


Turtles must come to our establishment in a hard plastic carrier with good ventilation and enough space (the best are good quality cat carriers, easy to clean and durable, preventing breakage or the animal from escaping) (we do not admit cloth. They are very beautiful but very dangerous and unsafe). If you don’t have one, tell us, and we’ll leave you one of ours. It is highly recommended that you put a soaker or cloth with water, to maintain humidity during transport. When you arrive at our residence for turtles we will leave them in our swimming pool for water turtles. You can leave your turtle. In our premises in Madrid Animal Solution (Calle Virgen de Lluc 16, 28027) always by appointment and within our schedules. You can also deliver it directly to our Granja la Luna facilities in Belmonte del Tajo, always with a prior appointment within our schedules.

The stay includes

Food. High-end maintenance feed, fresh fish, daily cleaning of the ranch. Animals are covered by civil liability insurance. It is not a veterinary insurance (it does not cover diseases). Veterinary Surveillance: The veterinary service only treats animals on the farm free of charge for simple and minor problems that may arise. Granja la Luna is only a residence for animals, not a veterinary clinic, any problem that may arise will transfer the animal to a veterinary center.

The stay does not include

Diets different from the one that Granja La luna provides. Veterinary emergencies: in the event that your pet becomes ill, we will contact you as quickly as possible, or with your veterinarian, or with a renowned emergency clinic. If the illness suffered by the animal is due to causes beyond Granja la Luna, the expenses incurred will be borne by the owner. Home transportation. That is charged separately.

Your pets need a vacation at La Luna farm

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